Become a superior study program and become a reference in the field of data mining-based industrial engineering at the national level to support sustainable national development.


  1. Organizing education and carrying out research activities in the field of industrial engineering based on superior and sustainable data mining.
  2. Develop collaborative networks in the context of developing educational and research activities oriented to the needs and developing science and technology in a sustainable manner.
  3. Carrying out community service activities that are solving real problems in society as a form of industrial engineering scientific application and improving the quality of higher education in industrial engineering nationally.


  1. Producing reliable and professional undergraduate (S1) in the field of Industrial Engineering with data mining scientific excellence to meet the needs of a professional workforce in both local, national and regional industries.
  2. Developing science and technology through conducting research in the field of Industrial Engineering in accordance with science and technology developments.
  3. Realizing social welfare and humanity through the implementation of community service activities by applying science and technology according to the needs of society and the business / industry world. Building mutually beneficial cooperation networks with stakeholders.

 Graduate Profile

  1. Industrial system designer
  2. Industrial system planners and controllers
  3. System manager
  4. Academics
  5. Entrepreneur