The realization of a mechanical engineering study program that is competitive in the global era and as pioneer nanotechnology-based study program in Indonesia.


  1. Organizing education to produce professional graduates and develop learning resources in the fields of energy, advanced materials, manufacturing, and nanotechnology-based construction
  2. Developing research and international publications in the fields of energy, advanced materials, manufacturing, and construction based on nanotechnology
  3. Carry out community service in the field of mechanical engineering to improve community empowerment and welfare
  4. Developing study program management that supports the achievement of mission points a, b and c.


  1. Producing professional graduates of mechanical engineering in nanotechnology;
  2. Organizing a quality learning system based on information technology;
  3. Organizing the tri darma of higher education with quality;
  4. Take an active role in national and international forums in various scientific meetings in the field of advanced materials engineering technology;
  5. Apply nanotechnology to academics and industry.