To become a superior Mechanical Engineering Masters Study Program and a reference in learning and studying Mechanical Engineering based on nanotechnology.


  • Organizing learner-centered education and learning, using effective and innovative learning approaches, and optimizing sustainable use of technology to produce competent and professional graduates.
  • Carrying out research in the field of Mechanical Engineering for the development of quality science and technology, relevant, globally competitive, and beneficial for the welfare of society as well as disseminating the results through various publication media both nationally and internationally.
  • Organizing community service that is oriented towards community empowerment through the application of Mechanical Engineering.
  • Organizing autonomous, accountable, and transparent meetings for the Master of Mechanical Engineering Study Program which ensures continuous quality improvement.


  • To produce smart graduates of Mechanical Engineering, able to compete nationally and internationally, and able to develop professionally.
  • Producing scientific works and innovative creative works that are superior and become references in the field of Mechanical Engineering and its application and disseminate them nationally and internationally.
  • Producing community service work through the application of Mechanical Engineering to create an independent, productive, and prosperous society.
  • To produce effective and efficient performance of the Mechanical Engineering Masters Study Program to ensure the sustainable growth of the quality of the implementation of the Tridharma of Higher Education